Legal Steroid Alternatives That Work For Bodybuilding

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Steroids are often prescribed as a result of surgery for testicular cancer. The steroid replaces the testosterone the patient is no longer able produce. This helps the patient maintain their sexual characteristics.

Adolescent males suffering from a pituitary malfunction are sometimes treated with injections of steroid when they reach puberty. The drug induces a growth spurt when given 4 to 6 months prior to the start of puberty and allows the male to develop secondary sexual characteristics.

After certain cancer surgeries, steroids are often administered to patients who experience muscle tissue loss. The drug is used in conjunction with an diet and exercise program to help rebuild muscle tissue. The steroids are given for a limited time frame.

Women who wish to transition to men are often given heavy doses of the drug to remove their femininity and allow those women to take on masculine characteristics. This is not an approved medical use, but many doctors who treat women who wish to be men use the drug anyway.

There is research being conducted to study the use of steroids as a male contraceptive. The fear among researchers is the drug would be the subject of misuse, unless it was difficult to obtain. That has inhibited the research being done and may or may not continue.

The dose of steroid given for approved medical purposes range from 2.5 milligram (mg) per day to 400 mg every four weeks. Typically, only one steroid is prescribed at a time, unlike some steroid users who mix and match steroids and also take steroids in combination with other drugs and medications. Athletes, using steroids for muscle and strength building take to 10 times the recommended dose and often take more than one steroid at a time. A typical dosing schedule an athlete follows is equivalent to 20 to 2,000 mg of testosterone each day, which 2 to 200 times the normal dose.

A legal and medically approved dose of any steroid is small and approximates the amount naturally produced by the human body. The right does for each application is determined under controlled conditions in a laboratory. Extensive studies are performed and the steroid is first done on animals before it is given to a human. The tests are performed to first determine how strong the dose actually is and what the reaction of the animals are after being given the drug.

Steroids users typically get their information about the drug by word of mouth from people who have used steroids. The dosing instructions are also passed along from one user to another and often the user will determine on their own what the dose should be for them. Medical prescription standards are thrown out the window when using steroids and this is one of the reasons of steroid abuse.

Legal Steroid Alternatives That Work For Bodybuilding

The legality of steroids for weight gain, and muscle and strength enhancement has been a much debated subject by medical professionals, fitness specialists and the general public for quite a while. There is no indication the drug will be used legally for anything other than is already medically approved. Because the illegal use of drugs is so widespread, there is little chance of the authorities ever closing down the illegal distribution ever.

The methods of selling and distributing illegal steroids become more sophisticated all the time and there are not enough officials on the lookout for illegal steroid use. There should be more education about the use of steroids and if used to the max what the impacts can be. There should also be more education regarding the safe use of steroids. The draw back to that is seen as an endorsement of using an illegal substance. Steroids will always be obtained and used illegally, so maybe it is time to find a way to at least make it safer to use rather than trying to rid the world of the drug.

As long as steroids are being manufactured, there will always be those who will obtain it illegally by whatever means that is accomplished and there will always be those who will continue to use steroids in massive amounts to gain strength, muscle and stamina. If steroids are legal for a weight gain program, there might be less abuse and illegal activity surrounding the drug.

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